1. Lost

M. Myszkowski - vocals, electric guitar, bass guitar
Keagan Early - drums, percussion
Daryl Buckle - electric guitar

Produced by Michael A. Myszkowski and Travis Stoddart
Recorded at Alleyway Sound and BOXO Studio (drums only), Hamilton ON
Mixing and Engineering by Travis Stoddart
Mastering by Travis Stoddart, Alleyway Sound, Hamilton, ON


My life
Spent following the blind
I know it's hard to describe
But I've felt empty inside

Since I
“Opened up my eyes”
And left you behind

Maybe you'll never see it
Maybe you'll never know

Of mind
That I found in the hurricane's eye
I know it's hard to decide
Whether you will run

Or Hide
Either way, you're in denial
Maybe you're better off

And I don't know
If you were ever really there
But it's all the same

Maybe you'll never see it
Maybe you'll never know

Face it
You're lost
Face it
You're just like me
Do you feel dirty now
Are you so unclean
Coming to terms with how you're lost like me