1. NDS

From the recording FÜNYBOHT

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M. Myszkowski - vocals, electric guitar
B. Whelan - bass
M. Cotton - drums, coffee can full of nails
Mike Malone - trumpet

Produced by Michael A. Myszkowski and Ryan Cannon
Recorded at BOXO Studio, Hamilton ON
Mixing and Engineering by Ryan Cannon
Mastering by Steve Haines, Poseidon Studio, Hamilton, ON


Thank God for my bad luck
It's never steered me wrong
Thank God for my bad luck
Some Folks got none at all

When walking in circles trumps walking the path made for you
The new deadly sin has gotten the best of you

So go on, blame God for your bad luck
I'll make my very own
Fists shaking up at the sky
'Til you pass on

This is Sodom, this is Gomorrah, it's true
But there's no lake of fire, or lightening crashing 'round you
The new deadly sin is wasting away like you do