1. Nashville

From the recording FÜNYBOHT

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M. Myszkowski - vocals, acoustic guitar
B. Whelan - acoustic guitar
M. Cotton - shakers

Produced by Michael A. Myszkowski and Ryan Cannon
Recorded at BOXO Studio, Hamilton ON
Mixing and Engineering by Ryan Cannon
Mastering by Steve Haines, Poseidon Studio, Hamilton, ON


Drive on down to Nashville is 13 hours long
I can't wait to stretch my legs and hold you in my arms
We made it through the night and now the sun is burning bright
People sleeping in the streets recovering from last night

The police man says there's a whole lot of dope smoking going on
But it's too damn hot to do a thing about it, so he's just gonna sit and say


So we take a walk down Broadway, hear that telecaster twang
Spillin' out onto the streets and making everybody sing


If you're too damn drunk or you just don't know the words
You don't have to sing along, no, all you gotta do is say